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The Rite of Rumble #01

Release Date: April 2022 (Digital)
Client: Chad Quandt and Kayla Cline.
Publisher: Self-Published.
Format: Ongoing Comic Series

Lettering samples from "The Rite of Rumble #1", the first entry a comic book series co-created by Chad Quandt and Kayla Cline. The debut issue was successfully funded on Indiegogo, with the digital release for backers being distributed on April 2022.

From the back cover's description: "Long ago in the year 1990 AD, foolish scientists created the ‘World Wide Web’. Their internet was supposed to bring people together-- but instead it opened a portal to a demon dimension, allowing fiends and jobbers to bleed into our realm via any connected electronic devices. World governments crumbled, "smart’ tech" was banned, towns closed themselves off, and culture stalled at 90s grunge and radicalness. THE RITE OF RUMBLE is a story about The Stranger, a wandering warrior cursed with a demonic entity bound to his torso. The DETACHED Stranger and the vicious Belt travel the land looking for fights, purpose, and the next paycheck. This comic is part Hellboy, part Wrestlemania and 100% a love letter to indie wrestling and the crazy narratives packed with heart and muscle."