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Final Dallar (Dallar Project)

Release Date: March 2023
Client / Publisher: The Dallar Project
Format: Original Graphic Novel

Lettering samples from "Final Dallar", the final chapter in the Dallar Project, a collaborative, open-source comic parody of video-games and cryptocurrency fads led by Santino Arturo, Samir Patel, and An-Tim Nguyen, featuring a worldwide line-up of artists and colorists.

From the comic's description: "What is the value of a single f#!k? The most valuable commodity in the games industry is not time, but the amount of f#!ks anyone gives. We game developers made the error of trying to assign value to it. Dallar was a mistake. It was a cryptocurrency, once a fully functional blockchain, to keep track of how many f#!ks one gives (which only slightly better than exposure.) The question was not whether Dallar had value, but whether all other blockchains were just as worthless. Dallar lives on as a meme and as a community that tries to support other creatives in it. To give a DAL was to give a f#!k."