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Census (Amazon/Comixology Originals)

Release Date: September 2022 (Digital)
Client: Dazzling Urbanite
Publisher: Amazon / comiXology Originals
Format: Five-Issue Comic Series

Lettering samples from Census, a new horror-comedy comic book series written by Marc Bernandin and Adam Freeman, drawn by Sebastián Píriz, and edited by Sarah Litt. The series will be serialized monthly through Amazon's Comixology service.

From the publisher's press release:

Liam Malone is a poly-sci major with a minor in communications who’s searching for his first real job. While riding the bus in NYC he sees a sign that says “Good pay, flexible hours, no experience necessary” so he heads on over for an interview and gets a job working for the Census Bureau. But he quickly learns this is no ordinary Census Bureau, it’s the Otherworld Census Bureau and he’s got to count and register all of the demons, djinn, changelings, and other supernatural beings living in New York.

In Census, Liam embarks on a terrifying yet humorous adventure as he goes door to door and learns that to get the job of a lifetime, sometimes you have to sell your soul. This job might just cost him his life.